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Meet your FRENCHAY Resident Assistants 2018/2019!

By UWEaccomm 06 Oct 2018

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Here at accommodation services we are proud to welcome 7 new additions to our Frenchay Campus team! Resident Assistants work every evening 17:30-19:30 and are here to help you! If you need a chat, have some event idea's or simply have questions about how something on campus works, book an appointment with a RA through Cotswold reception desk.

Resident Assistants can help deal with issues in the flat, such as mediations after a flat disagreement and cleaning rota's, nothing is too small!

A bit about us!


'I’m a first year student studying Mathematics at UWE (so far so good!!). When I’m not trying to solve equations I love to swim or ski! I was part of a lifesaving club so I have great understanding of first aid and strong swimming skills. In the winter I often go on ski holidays, my first trip was to Canada and it made me fall in love with the sport! This year I’m off to Poland and I can’t wait! My biggest aspiration is to travel, involving volunteering at schools abroad, helping at animal sanctuaries and tasting new foods! 😊'



'Hello! I am Patricia and I'm an MSc student here at UWE. As a resident assistant I'm going to have your back if you happen to face any difficulties in making the best of your time here at UWE. Let me know and we'll sort it out together. Giving advice or just having a chat...I'm definitely up for that! See you guys around the campus! ☺️'



'Hi, I am Nathan. I am from Hong Kong. I am doing Masters in Transport Engineering and Planning. I spent my last 4 years in Surrey doing my Civil Engineering undergraduate. Comedies, Taylor Swift and ceilidh are my favourite.'



'Hello, my name is Cleverline and I am very excited to start off this journey with you. I came to UWE over a year ago from Nigeria, uncertain of what to expect but I was completely blown away by the hospitality of the people, facilities and opportunities here. I assure you that you made the right choice to come to UWE and you will feel right at home here.'



'Hey everyone! My name's Joe and I’m currently in my first year studying Games Technology. I enjoy playing tennis and socialising with mates in my free time. If you see me around campus, come say Hi!'