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Things you miss (and don't miss) about siblings

By bzbeth 10 Apr 2018

As the saying goes - you can choose your friends, but can't choose your family...

You've only just back to uni after the Easter break but it might have made you realise how much you missed your siblings. Or not.

For National Sibling Day, we're celebrating all the things you miss (and don't miss) about your brothers and sisters whilst you're at uni.

Starting with the most annoying things:

Siblings GIF

- Having the ability to ALWAYS wind you up: You probably do it to them too but they somehow manage to do it on a whole other level. You tell yourself you'll rise above it but sometimes they just take it too far...

- The petty fights: The usual result of them winding you up for hours on end! No matter how old you are, it's always going to happen but you love them really, right?

- Making your life hell when you're tired and hungover: You just want to lay in bed and feel sorry for yourself but they want to go out for the day (even though you're clearly dying) so they just natter on and on until you agree or just get Mum and Dad on your case! 

- Grassing on you to your parents because you didn't do any chores: Don't they understand that you have to clean and tidy after yourselves ALL THE TIMEat university so you just wanted to come home for some time off?

Don't forget the amazing things too:

Drake And Josh Hug GIF

- What's theirs is yours: Whether you've got a date, a night out or just heading to the gym, they always have the one item you've wanted for months but not been able to afford. It's exactly the same the other way round, right? Didn't think so...

- You constantly have a gaming partner: If you're in the mood for a Ps4/Xbox sesh, you can guarantee if you walk into their room, they will be up for it too. Sometimes they even let you win at Fifa because you're not the best and that is love!

- You have private jokes that only the two of you understand: You can't help but think of them when you're laughing to yourself because something happens that isn't particularly funny but they'd find it hilarious. You just look pretty weird laughing to yourself... 

- Your snack and chill buddy: Whether you're hungover or just in the mood for a Fat Friday, binging on Netflix and chocolate isn't as fun without them. You're a seriously bad influence on each other but life is much more fun that way. 

- They always have your back: If your best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend have upset you, they will always be the first one to stick up for you. Seeing you upset is just not something that sits right with them!

If you're lucky enough to have brothers or sisters, let them know how much you appreciate them and how happy they make you.

Even if they drive you insane most the time!

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