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How the gym helps me perform better at Hallam!

By BethBlogger 07 Feb 2019

Three years ago, I would have laughed in your face if you’d have told me I would be a regular gym goer...

And enjoy it!

Just thinking about sport made me sweat. However, there is a clear difference between sport and fitness. Sport refers to a physical activity that requires particular skills and rules. Fitness is all about improving your overall mental and physical health and focuses on you. Once I understood this (thanks to Aimee Browes, the founder of The Happiness Bootcamp), I had so many new goals and the motivation to improve myself.

There are other factors that I have had to work extremely hard on to get me to where I am today, but I have to say that the gym was the biggest factor that has affected how I perform at uni. I sleep better, I have a structured routine and I have met so many people through fitness. The biggest thing for me was seeing changes in my body and when I was lost in mounds of work, it made me realise I can change anything if I put my mind to it. This positive outlook on the control I have over my own life, allowed me to push myself beyond my comfort zone.

My usual weekly routine:

  • Monday - Chest/Triceps (Hypertrophy)
  • Tuesday - Back/Biceps (Hypertrophy)
  • Wednesday - Abs/Core/Legs (Quads)
  • Thursday - Chest/Triceps (Strength
  • Friday -Back/Biceps (Strength)
  • Saturday - Legs/Glutes, Hamstrings
  • Sunday - Rest

The perfect time to hit the gym for me is early afternoon; it is the quietest part of the day. Although I am a lot more comfortable at the gym than when I first started, I like the place to be quite empty - the loudness and busyness can get my anxiety going and stress me out when I’m meant to be there to decrease my stress.

Learning about when I need to let my body rest is the most valuable lesson I’ve learnt since I started working out. This lesson applies to your uni work as well. I am 100% a workaholic, constantly thinking about what I could improve on a project and coming up with new ideas for other assignments.Taking a break from your work allows you to come back and look at it with a fresh mind. You can get so consumed working on a problem that seems harder to fix than it actually is.

All in all, the gym has had a massive impact on my performance at university. I have so much more confidence when giving presentations and working in a group. Setting goals in the gym transferred to goal setting in at uni too which helped me keep on top of my work. I am also much better at planning and working towards goals now too.

Here are my 10 reasons why you should join the gym:

  1. It's the perfect place to work on yourself, by yourself.
  2. More energy (if you eat right too)
  3. Better sleep
  4. Builds confidence
  5. Great for goal orientated people
  6. Better focused mind
  7. Routine
  8. Great for stress-relief
  9. Opportunity for socialising
  10. Improves your physical and mental health

None of the changes I have made to myself would have happened if I really didn’t want to improve myself. You must want to change to be able to put in the effort to do so. If you find yourself struggling at university, think about why that may be. Are you a workaholic and stress yourself out too much? Do you feel can’t keep on top of things?

Whatever the reason, remember you can always talk to your course leader if you’re concerned but also consider options such as going to the gym as it has so many benefits on your life you wouldn’t think it had.


BethBlogger is a massive animal lover - in her lifetime, she's had 5 cats, 1 dog, 4 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs and over 10 hamsters.
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