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How We Can Help At Birley Student Living Reception

By 19 Sep 2016

As a member of the Birley Student Living Team, I thought I would explain to you a bit about what we are here for and how we can help you during your stay with us at Birley!

  • Post
    Any parcel that will not fit into your post box will come to the Reception where we will sign for them. Post can be collected after 3pm as this is when we have had time to log and process it. Our night team will then send out an email after 9pm to inform you if you have a parcel here. You will just need to bring your I.D when you come to collect it.  
  • Maintenance- If you have any maintenance issues within your house or flat it is best to either come and speak to us at Reception located in Vine House, call us on 0161 247 2777 or email us at We will just need to take down your Student I.D number and what the problem is and then we can log the job and get the correct trade to come and fix the problem.
  • Locked out of your room? If you are locked out of your room or house, please come and see us at Reception or call us so we can come and let you in. We just need to see your I.D before we can do this so we know we are letting the right student into the right room.
  • Bin Bags- At Birley Student Living Reception we give out bin bags for all of your bins including the small brown food waste bins. Whenever you have run out of these, just come to the Reception and we will provide you with some more.

These are just some of the things we can help with at Birley Student Living Reception. We also have a computer area for students to use, a sofa area and the Vine and Dunham laundry is located here, which is the only place you can buy a laundry card.

If you do have any other questions or queries do come in and see us, or you can call or email, it is entirely up to you!

Aimee- Birley Student Living :)