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Are you Manc enough?

By BzBarlow 07 Sep 2017

Now you're living in Manchester, you might come across some words that you thought meant one thing but actually, have a totally different meaning here in the North

Let's see how many of these you recognise...

Usually means: Herb used to flavour food/drink
Manchester meaning: Really good 
"The music was mint last night"


Usually means:
No longer living 
Manchester meaning: Really
"They were dead good that band"

sloth hanging itchy belly scratch chilln
Usually means: Suspended in the air 
Manchester Meaning: Disgusting
"Ew that's angin' that mate"

romy  cat cute tight stuck cat
Usually means: Doesn't fit properly 
Manchester meaning: Mean 
"That's well tight, she was only being nice"

adele tea james corden the late late show carpool karaoke 
Usually means: Hot beverage
Manchester meaning: Evening meal 
"What's for tea Mum?"

Here's a couple more you might come across...

Ginnel = alley
Scran = food
Bobbins = rubbish
Gaggin' = thirsty
City = Manchester City football club
United = Manchester United football club
My gaff  = my house
Our kid = friend
Swear down = honestly 
You're peckin' my head = you're annoying me

You'll be a pro in no time! 

BzBarlow is part of the Browzer team and loves to bake.
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