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5 minutes with...the MSH Administrator

By LisaResLife 19 Jan 2018

We've decided to be sociable and branched out slightly to introduce a colleague in the wonderful Manchester Student Homes (MSH).

MSH are a free University run housing service for students and they are lovely people. They are the source of all wisdom regarding private student housing in Manchester so don't be a stranger when you're looking into your private housing options or want any advice!

Name, role and how long you’ve worked at MSH:

Penny Chan – Administrator

Since September 2014

Favourite part of the job:

Running events such Accommodation Fairs and Rent Right themed events

Typical working day:

Sending emails, writing and rewriting communications, updating Private Hall adverts and answering calls.

What are you reading/watching/listening to at the moment:

Knitting whilst watching The Blacklist! (so good!)

You have to explain humanity to aliens using only three items, what do you show them:

  • Family
  • People shaking hands
  • Different people standing together

If you could time travel, what era of time would you most like to live in:

Depends on what part of society I am in and in which country but most likely Ming Dynasty in China.

If you could be an animal what would you be and why:

Unicorn: because I like the idea that they have magical powers and so I can help people and animals in need.

unicorn GIF by Ice Breakers

What would your band name be:


Favourite thing about Manchester:

Big City with close proximity of the country

Follow the #5minuteswith to find out more about youraccommodation team!