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THE games from E3 you should be hyped for

By bzemily 18 Oct 2018

Hi! I'm Emily, and I'm obsessed with anything and everything to do with video games.

That's why I want to share with you the games from E3 that I'm most hyped for. All aboard the hype train! Here are my picks on the real showstoppers at E3:

Cyberpunk 2077

Damn, just watching the trailer gives me goosebumps!

This showstopper comes directly from the brains of CD Project Red: one of the most respected developers within the industry. If you've played The Witcher 3, a fantastic roleplaying game (RPG) where the actions you make have real consequences, then you've had a taste of what this developer can produce.

Cyberpunk, however, takes a step in another direction. Set in a dystopian sci-fi world (like Blade Runner), this game is primarily story focused, first person and full of all sorts of elements fans love from their previous games. It's basically a mish-mash of awesome. 

Hype rating: 5/5

Death Stranding

I still don't know what's going on, but I love it.

Hideo Kojima, the master of surprises, has done it again: he's left us in the dark, desperate to find out more. 

Death Stranding has been Kojima's new project since his fallout with Konami, and I can safely say I'm super excited to see what he will do with this game. Although this trailer doesn't really answer any questions...

Hype rating: 5/5

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

It's time to battle!

Nintendo's highly competitive and fun fighting game is scheduled to make waves once again, but this time making an appearance on the Nintendo Switch.

From a mere 12 characters to choose from on the first Smash game in 1999, you will now be able to pick from a list of 64 (woo!), and yes you can play as Snake! Since I recently got my hands on a Nintendo Switch, I'm looking forward to beating my friends as Wolf and Bayonetta...

Hype rating: 4/5

Fallout 76

Get me signed up for the B.E.T.A now!

As a big fan of Bethesda and the previous Fallout games, Fallout 76 ticks all of the boxes and leaves me hopeful for what this game could become.

Unlike Fallout 4 and its highly successful predecessor Fallout 3, this 'prequel' of sorts is multiplayer, with a large focus on base building and working as a team to beat tricky quests. Whilst most fans are excited to experience the wasteland as a group, some fans are wondering what happened to #SavePlayer1.

Hype rating: 4/5

Halo Infinite

Master Chief's back!  

When Microsoft and 343 Industries let the cat out of the bag, the crowd went mental, and I gasped at my computer screen. The game will be a continuation of Master Chief's adventures in Halo 5 and is set to head into a new and unexpected direction, with the main focus being on our favourite protagonist. 

Hype rating: 4/5


Destiny meets Iron Man?

This game looks super fun to play, and since I'm currently playing through Destiny 2, I definitely get a Destiny vibe when watching the trailer. Running on the Frostbite engine, gameplay looks smooth and graphics look slick - if the game lives up to its hype this could set the bar pretty high for other open world sci-fi shooters.

However, like many other fans, I'm rather sceptical about how Bioware will pull off making a full-on action game since their focus has been on RPGs (Mass Effect). Not only was their last game Mass Effect Andromeda a massive flop, they're teaming up with EA who have become incredibly untrustworthy to fans for including microtransactions in every single game.

Hype rating: 3/5

A couple of honourable mentions go out to The Last of Us Part 2, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. They just missed out on the cut for my top picks from this year's E3.

Well, I know what I'm saving up for!

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