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Welcome from your Warden

By eknowles 15 Jan 2019

Within all of our halls we have a team of Wardens and Residential Advisors (RAs) who are here to support you during your time in Halls. From providing overnight on call support for any problems, to organising events for the Hall, your Warden and RA team are here to help you have a good stay with us.

Your Warden leads the RA team and would like to welcome you to your new home.

Welcome to Tudor Close and Melville Grove

My name is Monika Grabias and I am the Warden for both Tudor Close and Melville Grove Halls of Residence. I would like to welcome you to the University of Liverpool and hope you will have a wonderful stay in our accommodation.

Together with a team of Residential Advisers (RAs), we ensure that being part of the halls community helps you make the best of your time in Liverpool. We are there to deal with any incidents, but also to improve your experience and to provide support if you ever need it. If you have any questions or problems, no matter how big or small, the RAs are your first point of contact and are there to help you. Please make sure you also attend the welcome events arranged to help you settle in.

There is also an opportunity for you to get involved and become a member of the Hall’s Student Committee, which meets once a week and organises various events, parties and trips for students living in the same hall, using a fund provided by the University. Just email your HSC RA (Rishav for Tudor Close and Karolina for Melville Grove) to express your interest to join and find out when and where is the next meeting.

Wishing you all the best,

Monika Grabias



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