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Residential Advisers

By HallsLife 02 Apr 2018

Who are the RA's?

RA's are fellow students/members of staff at the university who live in halls to make sure you are okay. RA's have a duty of care to you as a resident in the halls and will be there to assist you when you need a little bit of help, support or guidance.

Halls Student Committee (HSC)

You are most likely aware by now that your hall has a committee of students who work together to organise events throughout the year for you in your halls to enjoy. A member of the senior RA team will join the HSC in organising the events and all RA's are there to support with events when they happen in halls. 

Your Immediate RA

You should know who your immediate RA is who you can contact at any time by email, if you see them in passing or just knock on their door. Your immediate RA is someone you can go to for advice with university, matters in halls, and general life guidance. RA's are given a lot of information for specialist services offered both in the university and in the city to best advise you with any issue you may have. This RA is also tasked with providing at least one event for you and your fellow residents each year, they are given £5 to spend on each individual they are responsible for. If you have not had an event from your RA but have ideas what you may want to do you can always make suggestions to your RA. 

What is the Duty RA?

All halls in the University have a duty RA on in the evening for every night of the year, this RA can be contacted at the times below:

  • Monday -  Thursday  8pm - 8am
  • Friday  8pm - 9am 
  • Saturday 6pm - 9am
  • Sunday 6pm - 8am

The duty RA is there to deal with immediate issues, they will patrol the halls in the evening and during the night and will be on call for any issues students may have. This can be to ask the RA to speak with a noisy group/individual who may be disturbing you after the 11 o'clock curfew. If you have concerns regarding the condition of the halls or any concerns you may have for yourself or a fellow student. Usually if you question whether you should call the Duty RA then it's probably best you do. You can find the Duty RA number for your hall online or at the entrance to the hall.