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Residential Adviser Q&A

By HallsLife 10 Apr 2018

What is your name?

  • Charlie

Where are you from?

  • Warrington

Where are you based as a Residential Advisor?

  • Carnatic (Rankin hall)

How long have you been in the role for?

  • 2 years

Do you work or study as well as being a RA?

  • I work in the Halls student experience team alongside being an RA

What made you decide to apply for the role of being an RA? 

  • As my friends were moving back home after university and I wanted to stay in Liverpool I was looking for accommodation. Whilst working as a welfare tutor on a summer school a friend recommended the RA role to me as It was similar to my role in the summer school. When I looked into the option of being an RA I felt wanted to support first year’s students with the experience I had gained at university as well as develop new skills for myself within the role.

What do you like the most about the role?

  • There are two parts to the role that I like most. The first is in my position as a Senior RA supporting the Halls student Committee to organise events throughout the year. When you are at an event and get to see students enjoying what has been organised by the team it gives you a great sense of pride in what you have been able to achieve together.
    The other side to this would be the welfare aspect to the role. Sadly from time to time there are individuals who have a particularly difficult time in life whilst they are staying at the halls and these students can need some extra support and guidance. Even though these situations are never easy or enjoyable to deal with at the time, it is afterwards when you have had worked with the student to support them through the more difficult time and they are in a better place that you feel the pride in your position as an RA as you have been able to have a positive impact on someone through your role


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What do you like to do in your spare time?

  • In my spare time I try to see friends and family as much as I ca. I maintain the close friend group I have by meeting for lunch, having dinner parties and going out at the weekend.  I try to keep friendships with more distant friends by meeting up every couple of months for a good catch up, sometimes Christmas or a birthday is a good excuse to have a catch up with an old friend. When I get a free evening I love to sit back and watch a film, play a game or binge watch a TV series. 

If you could give one piece of advice whilst being at the University of Liverpool what would it be?

  • My advice would be to try and make the most of the more unique parts to the city. I know as a first year you never really do more than a night out in concert square however the different bars around the city with a wealth of live music can make for much more varied social experiences. The different restaurants and bars that you can discover through Liverpool Independent are endless and I would suggest looking at areas outside the city center. An evening in the Baltic triangle playing Ghetto golf, or a drink in the peaky blinders bar will leave you with some treasured memories, and of course Bongos Bingo is a must whilst living in Liverpool. Branching out around Sefton Park for a day and a retiring to Lark lane will also give you some fantastic experiences. Try to make the most of the city in your short time here as it has so much more to offer than you originally think.