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Let's Get Gleaning!

By sgrmerce 12 Oct 2018

Let’s get gleaning and fight against food waste and poverty!

When we think of food waste our thoughts often turn to the food scraps tipped in the bin at the end of our meals, or supermarkets chucking away perfectly edible, but out of date stock. A less discussed issue is the scale of food being wasted right at the source of our food system – on the farms themselves.

Farms will often overproduce their food in order to ensure they fill the quota set by the supermarket. The supermarkets generally don’t take the extra veg grown, or the “ugly” veg, meaning that tonnes of food is left in the fields to decompose. In total, around 37,000 tonnes of veg is wasted in the UK each year –around 16% of their crop.

Think about all the energy, water and other resources that are used to grow this enormous quantity of food that is then being wasted, while thousands of people are currently going hungry, unable to afford the food in the supermarkets.

So that’s why people go and glean – to save veg from being wasted and instead use it for awesome causes such as at foodbanks and homeless shelters!

How can you get involved?

Attend the Green Guild’s Gleaning Series, alongside the organisation Feedback! We have a few different events over the next few weeks where you can learn more about food waste and gleaning, and even go gleaning yourself. Attend all three events for a complete gleaning experience, or just attend one if you are unable to make them all.

17/10/2018 2pm - Part 1:  An introduction to Gleaning workshop – learn more about the impacts of food waste and the great work that Feedback and the Gleaning Network do, while making some banners and signs in preparation for our third event.

Sign up here:

27/10/2018 9.30-3.30 - Part 2: Go on a glean! We’ll go spend the day on a farm, collecting kale from the fields.

Sign up here: 

Date tbc - Part 3: We’ll cook and – most importantly – eat the veg that we collected from the glean.  

Keep an eye on the Guild's events page for the third event, or email to be kept up to date