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Give it a Go - Sustainable Gift Wrap

By hughero 22 Nov 2018

Christmas is quickly approaching and it is almost time to start wrapping all of those presents! 

But, have you ever considered the impact that all that wrapping paper has on your carbon footprint? As a purely aesthetic use of paper, we have decided to embrace a more sustainable way to keep giving gifts without the green guilt. 

According to the Guardian in Britain we throw out enough wrapping paper each year to circle the Earth nine times!! Alongside the Green Guild, we want to help you embrace a green Christmas this year and reduce the waste! 

Furoshiki is the Japanese practise of wrapping gifts in reusable cloth, it embraces the philosophy of eco-friendly living by reducing how many items we really need . In our Give it a Go session, we will be putting our own festive twist on this practise by creating our own cloth to wrap gifts! 

The best part is that the recipient of the gift can reuse the wrap!

Our gift wrap session will be taking place in Activity Space 9 in the Guild on Wednesday 12th December 5pm-7pm.

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