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Dover Court - Vote for your HSC

By sophiebk 29 Oct 2018

The HSC is made up of other students living in your accommodation who volunteer their time to help make sure your voices are heard and you have the best possible experience in halls.

This Wednesday voting will open to all students to confirm your Dover Court HSC for the year. 

You will be asked vote on whether or not you are happy for the current committee to represent you. To help you do this the HSC have written a manifesto to outline details of what they plan to do to this year – from making changes in halls to exciting trips and events.

The link to vote will be sent to you via email on Wednesday - please take the time to read over their manifesto before then.

Dover Court Manifesto

Meet the Committee members:

Miguel – A cool guy who loves controversy and expects to spice up the HSC’s committee. I am studying law and I joined the HSC to make Dover Court students enjoy themselves during the stressful times at university. My goal is to break social awkwardness during party time. Lots of hugs and love.

Tariq – Aerospace Engineering student who likes discussions, planning, and paying attention to details. I joined the HSC to improve the students' experience in the halls, organize events that help students relax and have fun, and buy the right items for the halls.

Keira - A chill cool gal who enjoys wine Wednesday’s and HSC Tuesday’s. I am studying law and joined HSC to impart my knowledge and wisdom on the muggles.

Oliver - Legend. Dancer. Can bring jokes and banter to the HSC, Dover Court and the world. Engineering student but more socially able than most of them. Joined the HSC to help Dover Court students be more sociable, to develop my organisational skills and to achieve world peace.

Katie – Katie considers herself to be a creative person but someone stumbled into business school to study Marketing. She joined the HSC in an attempt to participate in university life and help make halls life more fun. Enjoys writing, beer and describing herself in third person

Lincoln – A law student with great sense of style and who likes UK student life and Primark.

We will meet weekly to for 1 hour 15 minutes to:

  • Coordinate event preparation for upcoming events
  • Update event schedule in accordance with your feedback/suggestions
  • Discuss and address trends/ongoing-matters in Dover
  • Support and facilitate growth of the Dover community
  • Identify and implement things that provide long term benefit to yourselves and Dover, such as new communal equipment
  • Have a laugh

Chair, secretary, and financial roles will be rotated each meeting ensure transparency, teamwork and acquisition of new skills. All our meetings are open for any Dover resident to participate and offer their suggestions/concerns.


What we have done so far to represent students:

  • Began establishing presence in the Halls Community through speaking to residents and using the Dover FB group
  • Planned formal dinner entertainment based off residents’ preferences
  • Created online poll to allow residents to decide on whether their Halloween event is to be a party or Alton Towers trip
  • Consulted students in person and through FB group about what film they wish to see for their cinema
  • Purchased 5 new board games for the Common-Room’s board games cabinet!

What we plan to do this year

  • Bring Playstation 4 VR to the Common Room
  • Bring an Air-Hockey table to the Reception-Foyer
  • Facilitate and support the use of communal spaces for your own get-togethers


Events we have organised so far:

  • Halloween
  • Fantastic Beasts Cinema Trip
  • VR  event (Coming Soon)

What we plan to do this year

  • Chinese New Year
  • More cinema trips
  • Karaoke Night
  • Ice Skating
  • Paintball
  • Bongos Bingo