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699 Bus Information

By hughero 12 Sep 2018


Living in Greenbank or Carnatic Student Village?

If you are living in Greenbank Student Village or Carnatic Student Village you will get to know the 699 bus pretty well.

President Rory Hughes has negotiated a deal with Arriva which offers University of Liverpool students a brand new academic year pass for £325. As their standard academic year pass costs £380 and runs until June 2019, the exclusive pass therefore saves you £55 and a months’ worth of travel you wouldn’t use but would have to pay for.

Guild’s Exclusive Arriva Tickets:

Academic Year Bus Pass (1st September – 31st May) £325

Term 1 Bus Pass (1st September – 31st December) £135

Term 2 Bus Pass (1 January-31st May) £190 (made available in the Guild Shop from mid December).

The pass allows unlimited travel on all Arriva bus services in the North West region at any time.

The Guilds exclusive passes are available to purchase in-person from the Guild Shop from the 1st September.

Please note that this offer is not available online.

You will need to bring some form of Student ID with you - whether it's your Student ID card, an email confirming your place at University, or some other correspondence which clearly identifies that you're a student at the University of Liverpool. Photographs are not required for bus passes.

Find out more here.