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Blog: Tips and tricks to study effectively

By CallyBlogger 24 Jan 2018

As a uni student, can you really afford to study ineffectively? Of course not!

Every day before the exam counts, and here’s how to study effectively: 

Something you can do before you even start revising is plan your study timetable to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed. Plan according to what work needs to be done by which date and set daily goals. By setting daily tasks, the workload will be more easily manageable and won’t be as daunting. Take each day as it comes! 

Sleep - it's recommended that you get 7/8 hours of sleep each night! Sleep is important to maximize your energy levels and it preps you for the dreaded exam period. Did you know that lack of sleep can cause not only more stress, but weight gain, increased likelihood of illness as well as lower your academic performance? If you’re having trouble sleeping, try listening to ASMR videos on YouTube, this one is my personal favourite...

A mistake you may have been making is working for prolonged periods instead of shorter blocks. The Pomodoro method advises you to study for 25 minutes and then to take a short break, and repeat. By spacing out your study time, the revision that you are doing will become more effective and more likely to absorb into your brain! Plus, 5-hour study blocks don’t sound all that appealing.
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A way to make studying more fun is to rewrite your notes using coloured pens, as presenting your work in an aesthetically pleasing way will make it memorable when it comes to taking your exams. It makes your notes easier to follow, and whilst re-reading, use highlighters to mark the key information to really reiterate the most important parts.

Your productivity levels will usually plummet throughout the day, so your most productive time is in the mornings. Try setting your alarm for 9am, grab a coffee and get your work for the day out of the way! That way, you finish your revision and can enjoy the rest of your day guilt free. If you get hungry, pry yourself away from unhealthy snacks and try healthier options like granola or yogurt - they give you more energy! 

Practice is key. Don’t underestimate the importance of practice questions and practice papers. A good way to ensure you do well is to identify your weak points from the practice papers, make a list of them, and to then focus on bettering them for next time.

And remember, give yourself a break. It's ok to take the night off and free your mind from exam stress. Just don’t go TOO crazy because you still need to study the next day!


CallyBlogger is currently studying English at Loughborough University and enjoys watching desperate housewives and playing badminton.
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