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What you should and shouldn't pack for uni

By bzemily 10 Jul 2018

The countdown is close: you'll soon be settling in halls eating free pizza whilst testing out the new toaster your mum bought you.

BUT before you either pack up all your belongings or forget the important stuff, here's a must-have list of what you SHOULD bring to uni:

Bring the basics 

  • Bedding
  • Towels
  • Plates and dishes
  • Cutlery
  • Pots and pans
  • Toiletries

*Did you know? You can purchase bedding from us (FutureLets) to be ready and waiting in your room before you arrive! To do this you can simply tick this option in the e-arrival online pages (where you select your arrival time).

Along with bringing the basics, you may want to consider bringing the following:

Medical card 


Bring your Medical registration Card and get registered with your local GP as soon as you arrive so you're not suffering in bed with freshers' flu your first few weeks here.

We also have our own University Medical Centre in The Hub for you to utilise. Just don't forget to bring your medical card or NHS number if you're a UK resident!

Too many toasters!


Avoid trying to find storage for 6 toasters and 3 kettles when you arrive by discussing with your flatmates as to who brings what before you arrive at halls. 

*Please note: If you are staying in Priory or Quadrant Hall, you are NOT permitted to bring a toaster. 

Now that you know what you should bring, you need to know what you're not allowed to bring...

Here's our list of what you SHOULD NOT bring to uni:

Dangerous things
Including anything that is or may become dangerous, offensive, combustible, corrosive, inflammable, radioactive or explosive, such as firearms, air rifles, BB guns, pistols, cross-bows or any other weapons, gas cylinders, oil burners, fireworks, laser pens, candles, joss sticks or hookah pipes


Anything that could harm or endanger yourself or others is a big no-no and should be left at home, especially anything that is (or could be used as) a weapon. Likewise, as much as you may want to, do not bring your vanilla scented candles with you...

Your dog (or any other animals) 
Including birds, fish or other livestock 


As tempting as it is to try and hide your dog in your suitcase, no animals are allowed in halls (unfortunately). Yes, you can bring your teddy bear, they are most definitely allowed (and highly recommended).

Or cooking equipment


If you're hoping to host the greatest summer BBQ ever, then sorry to burst your balloon but you definitely CANNOT bring a grill, disposable BBQs, or any additional cooking equipment with you. Sorry...

Multi-way adaptors 
Or distribution boards


There's no point trying to plug in your incredible PC setup using adaptors: you could overload the plug and cause damage to your precious halls (and potentially yourself or others), so do not bring any multi-way adaptors or distribution boards with you.

Heating or cooking appliances 
Including Rice cookers, hotplates, microwaves, chip pans, and deep fat fryers


It might be a quick and easy way of cooking your rice but stick to boiling your favourite carb in a pan to avoid burning the kitchen down.

Happy packing!

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